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8 Beautiful Tips for Decorating With a Glass Table

glass table decoration
A glass-topped table is a beautiful addition to any room, whether it's a coffee or end table. The glass reflects light back into your room, which naturally increases the illumination. The glass can also reflect items around or on top of it. You may even choose a glass table with a statement pedestal.
Discover eight ways to decorate with a beautiful glass table.

Play With Shapes

With a glass table, the attention is drawn to what's on top. Therefore, you could create a display by playing with shapes. For example, you could select all round items, such as bowls and cups, to place on top. The round items should feature different textures to increase the visual interest.
You can choose painted cups, brushed metal bowls, or a glass vase to add different shapes. The glass table will reflect the textures

Add More Glass

As suggested above, having a glass table doesn't mean you can't add more glass. In fact, you can make a point of decorating with more glass by creating a display of glass vases, bowls, and other objects. You can also place the table near other glass installations, such as a pretty chandelier or set of glass shelves. The increased glass creates even more light reflection in your room.

Capture Light From a Window

The placement of your glass table can affect how well it reflects light. If possible, consider placing the table so it captures light from a window. This placement may be directly in front of the window, or it might be a little further away so that it catches rays of sunlight at a certain time of day. Take note of how the sun enters your room to help find a place for your glass table.

Reflect With a Mirror

What creates more reflection than even glass? A mirror. Consider hanging a mirror so it at least partially reflects your glass table. For example, you could hang an oversized mirror and place the table directly in front. Add a tall, textured art object, such as a mod statue, on top of the table and in front of the mirror. All the reflection will add to the display of textures and shapes.

Insert a Pattern Underneath

Naturally, glass doesn't just reflect - it's also transparent. If you're designing a custom glass table, you can choose to have something inserted between the tabletop and the base. This something can be a picture, wallpaper, or even a three-dimensional display in a hallowed base. With this style of glass table, you'll want to minimize what you put on top so the pattern takes center stage.

Draw Attention to the Stand

If you're having a glass table custom made, you can choose from a wide variety of stands. Because of glass's transparency, the focus will be on the pedestal. Therefore, you could choose an eye-catching stand. This can look like a mod tripod or a traditional carved wood pedestal, or anything in between. Look for a stand that matches the d├ęcor style in your chosen room.

Choose Textured Glass

On the flip side, you could draw attention to the glass by choosing a tabletop with texture. Glass can come frosted, etched, colored, or otherwise patterned. For instance, you could choose a bubbled, cracked, or raindrop pattern for your tabletop. When decorating with such a table, you'll want to choose simpler items with less texture so the effect doesn't become busy.

Pick a Custom Shape

Along the same lines, a custom glass table can be cut to any shape. You can choose a geometric shape beyond basic square or round - imagine a teardrop or hexagon in your room. You can also have the glass top cut into a freeform shape. These custom shapes can be combined with textured glass for a truly unique table. 

Utilize the beautiful properties of glass by decorating with a glass table. Visit Glas Plus Inc. for more ideas to design your custom glass table.


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