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Beautiful Ways to Use Round Mirrors in Your Decorating

Round Mirror in Bathroom
Mirrors bring beauty to your décor. So, too, do arches - an arc speaks to classical lines. Many homeowners combine these two design ideals through round mirrors. This shape of mirror is less common than straightedged mirrors, so they become design focal points. Below are some ideas for using round mirrors to beautify your décor.
Cluster of Round Mirrors
A popular wall décor trend is creating a gallery wall. While many decorators use pictures or a combination of art and curios, you could create such a display with round mirrors.
For this installation, select a series of round mirrors in at least two or three different sizes. You can choose framed or unframed mirrors, but for an uncluttered look, their overall profile should be minimalist. Custom-cut mirrors will allow you to choose the exact sizes and number you need for your specific wall.
Play around with the placement of the mirrors by laying them on the floor in front of the target wall. You could scatter them randomly or cluster them like bubbles in a column. You could even mix them with other wall décor, such as tree branches or in conjunction with shelf décor, for a cohesive design.
Custom Dressing Table
Another popular trend is to design a custom dressing table. This installation can be in the bathroom or the bedroom. A custom dressing table requires that you have a seating area for the actual grooming tasks. And, of course, you must have a mirror - in this case, a good-sized round mirror.
The round mirror for a custom dressing table can come in any style that fits your overall décor. For instance, if you're using the mirror in a modern bathroom, consider a mirror with clean edges. For a glam effect, look for a mirror with an elaborate frame; alternatively, choose a custom-cut mirror with elaborate edging.
One of the most important aspects of your dressing area is the lighting. Poor lighting choices could cancel out the benefits of a well-placed mirror. Illumination should come from the sides, so try to flank the mirror with pendant or sconce fixtures; these fixtures should match the mirror in style.
Vanity Mirror
Classically, such vanity mirrors are square or rectangular, so a round mirror will make a creative statement for your bathroom décor.
For this installation, you'll want a decorative mirror. For instance, if you have a contemporary bathroom, consider a round mirror with a wide frame that further emphasizes the shape. You could look for a frame in manufactured materials or one that simulates natural materials, such as bamboo. Let the rest of your bathroom material choices drive this selection.
Round mirrors could also be gorgeous for a double vanity. In this case, you'll want to consider the size of the mirrors and their proportion to the long vanity. For example, if you have a vanity that carries visual weight, you'll want to choose larger mirrors or ones with larger frames for balance. If you have a floating vanity, you may want to choose sleeker mirrors to maintain the airy look.
Oversized Entryway Mirror
Entryway mirrors are a practical idea because they allow you to check your reflection before you leave home. Feng Shui practices even teach designers to hang mirrors in the entryway to create a landing space for good energy.
Entryway mirrors are often rectangular. However, you could hang an oversized round mirror for a creative effect. If you have a bench or table, hang it above this item of furniture. Otherwise, find a wall that can accommodate its size proportionately. Just make sure the mirror is reflecting a pleasing view.
Use customized round mirrors to complement your home's décor. Glas Plus Inc. can provide for all of your custom mirror needs.


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