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Tips for Mirror Placement

House White Circle Shape Mirror
Finding the right place for a mirror isn't too difficult, but you do need to consider many factors that affect the final look of the wall with the mirror. Not only do you have to be sure the frame isn't overbearing and the size doesn't look strange compared to other wall decorations, but you also have to take the reflected images and your home's energy into account.

Reflect the Windows

Place large mirrors on walls that let the mirror reflect views of a garden through a window. In other words, place a mirror across from a window, or place one on a wall in a corner that has a window on the adjacent wall.

The extra garden sights you get from this placement lend a serene energy to the room. They can also help you keep an eye on kids playing outside without having to stare directly at the window the entire time.

Just ensure that the mirror isn't too small. You may find it somewhat irritating to see a tiny patch of garden or see a little movement from leaves blowing in the wind in a small window. Try to use a mirror that's at least a moderate size, if not a large size.

Use Feng Shui for Stoves

For cramped kitchens and stoves stuffed in corners, try a little reflective feng shui. A mirror placed above the stove lets the person cooking at the stove see anyone coming up from behind, which reduces the chances of being startled, which can add a tense energy to the cooking process and make the meal not as pleasant.

Stoves that are crammed into corners often end up only half-used; the burners right next to the wall see less use because of the seeming lack of space. In reality, there is enough space for a pan. The stove user's perception just needs adjustment.

Add mirrored tiles along the wall by the burners so that the mirrors stretch along the stove-side wall to the corner and so that they cover the wall from the stove's top edge to at least the top of the user's head or cabinet undersides, whichever is more practical. The tiles add light and trick the user into thinking there is extra space along that side of the stove.

The mirrors also have the effect of visually doubling the four (an unlucky number) burners into eight (a lucky number).

Consider the Height

Any mirror in a room needs to be at the right height so that the majority of the people entering the room do not see their heads or shoulders cut off. An exception is in a room meant for children, like a playroom. Those mirrors are going to be low for adults, but they should be at the right height so children can see themselves in the mirror.

Cutting off the view of someone's head, either fully or partially, or having the mirror up so high that all you see of yourself is your head, feels very unbalanced. The mirror looks as if it's been placed incorrectly (which it has), and people can get a sense of being blocked in the room. If people using the room have varying heights, try to find a mirror size that accommodates as many of those heights as possible.

Avoid Bad Reflections

What reflects in the mirror is important. Placing a large mirror in an area that reflects a busy kitchen, for example, can amplify the busy effect and make the room with the mirror seem rather busy as well. If you like it busy, that's good. But if you prefer a calmer feel to your home, you may want to avoid placing very large mirrors across from busy spaces.

Let Glass Plus Inc. help you find a mirror that is the right size for the spot you're considering. Whether you want a set of plain tiles or a wall-length sparkler, we will have your choice of styles. Contact us today!


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