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Transform Your Fireplace With Glass and Mirrors

A fireplace
Custom-cut glass and mirrors can transform the appearance of your rooms. You may know about adding these two materials to bathrooms and dining rooms to augment décor. One space you may not have thought of, however, is your fireplace and its surroundings.

Framed Mirror Above the Fireplace

Many homeowners place a television above the fireplace. If they want to decorate the area, they may hang framed art instead. Another option is to hang a framed mirror. Like framed art, the mirror draws the eye up. Unlike framed art, it also reflects light back into the room.

For size, you want the mirror to complement the fireplace without overpowering it or getting lost. Generally speaking, the mirror and frame should be narrower than the mantle and shorter than the fireplace. However, if you choose a mirror with an elaborate frame, you might want to decrease the size.

Mirror Reflecting the Fireplace

Another option is to place a mirror so it reflects the fireplace. This sort of placement will shine even more light into the room when you have a fire going. However, the mirror can also reflect the natural beauty of the fireplace itself, any mantle décor, and whatever you hang above.

In this case, make sure the reflection won't throw light into your eyes when you're nearby. Likewise, choose how much of the fireplace you want reflected. Perhaps you can make a charming visual by only reflecting part of the fireplace - something like abstract art.

If you want to make a big statement or increase the visual space of your room, consider an oversized mirror. For example, you could have a custom-cut mirror that spans floor to ceiling. You could even have the wall opposite the fireplace mirrored.

Art Installation Reflecting the Fireplace

Consider an even more abstract take on reflecting the fireplace. Instead of a single, flat mirror casting its reflection, you could hang a custom glass or mirrored art installation across from it. Such installations typically consist of several mirrors or glass pieces that work together to make a whole.

For example, perhaps you have a modern-style fireplace in a modern-style room. You may not want framed mirrors at all. You could choose a selection of sleek, geometric mirrors in an artistic pattern across from the fireplace. You could even intersperse custom-cut glass pieces to play with the visual and the reflection. 

Backsplash Behind the Fireplace

You know about backsplashes in the kitchen. While a fireplace doesn't necessarily need a backsplash, you could use one as a way to draw attention to the area. For instance, instead of having the wall across from the fireplace mirrored, you could have the wall housing it mirrored instead. Such an installation draws the eye to your fireplace.

An even more creative version is a glass backsplash. For the kitchen, contractors usually paint or apply a picture to the back of the glass before hanging it on the wall. You can have them do the same for the wall housing the fireplace. The backsplash and fireplace will work together as custom art.

Glass Surround for the Fireplace

Possibly the most eye-catching method for using glass to enhance your fireplace is to incorporate its use into the design itself. With an electric or gas fire box, you can redesign what your fireplace looks like. 

A common way to implement this idea is to use the fireplace as a room divider. It can either jut out from a wall or stand in a column in the middle, and a glass box will enclose the fire. Naturally, the glass is transparent, so it doesn't impede the view in your room. Whether the fire is lit or not, such an installation makes a stunning centerpiece.

Use custom glass and mirrors to beautify your fireplace. Glas Plus Inc. can help you from project inception to completion.


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